Deliver Unmatched Customer Personalization with AI

Drive business growth and loyalty with tailor-made experiences for every customer, powered by cutting-edge generative AI.

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Personalize every customer interaction

Optimize all of your customer touchpoints to drive growth across every step of the user journey.


Grow customer lifetime value by over 16% through scalable personalization

Our custom-built AI models help you gain a deep understanding of your customers and optimize their end-to-end journey with predictive AI, driving meaningful results to customer engagement.

Scalable & Personalized

Reach the right customer with the right message at the right time

Deliver targeted messaging that resonates with each customer based on their stage in the customer journey, their diverse needs and preferences, and their predicted engagement and interactions. 

Fully integrated

Power omni-channel campaigns that drive results

Our models integrating directly with your marketing tools, unlocking personalized cross-channel opportunities to engage with your customers.

How it Works

Engineered for impact


We deep-dive into your data to get a deep understanding of each customer and what influences their behavior, engagement and retention.


Our learning process fuels the AI models we train to predict future customer interactions and optimal ways to influence their journey.


Connection with your marketing tools allow you to capitalize on opportunities to grow customer engagement through real-time campaigns.

Our Approach

Maximize ROI with Measurly's state-of-the-art AI model suite

A powerful suite of advanced models and human-powered techniques, working together to maximize return on investment. By combining forces and interacting with one another, our models deliver results that surpass the potential of any individual component.

Advanced Segmentation

Segmentation of customers into groups based on behavior, preferences, engagement, and value.

Predictive Lifetime Value

Predicts the future total value of customers based on engagement, retention, and behavior patterns.

Recommendation Algorithm

Delivers tailored content, products, or experiences to your customers based on preferences, behaviors, or target metrics.

Case Studies

Redefining customer engagement with AI

We’ve helped companies of all sizes elevate their customer engagement strategy to new heights – here’s how.

Advanced Segmentation at Beat boosts retention rate by +6%

After growing quickly across LATAM, Beat wanted to shift focus to sustainable & efficient growth. Personalization via segmentation for CRM & remarketing became an opportunity to improve relevancy of promotions and messaging…

UberEats recommended restaurants increases revenue per user by +7%

When Uber launched their Eats service in Singapore, a key objective was to increase repeat orders on the application to maximize lifetime value. Analyses showed that high-value customers that ordered frequently did so by having consistent variety…

Grab uses sentiment modeling to increase retention

Grab has over half a million drivers across South-East Asia. In the past, the company would send NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to each driver asking, “Would you recommend Grab to a Friend”?. When asking drivers this question, the response rate was quite low and insights weren’t actionable…

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