Case Study

How Beat used Advanced Segmentation to Increase Retention and ROI


Increase in Customer Retention


Beat is a ride hailing company with operations in Latin America. After growing quickly across LATAM, Beat wanted to shift focus to sustainable & efficient growth.

Personalization via segmentation for CRM & remarketing became an opportunity to improve relevancy of promotions and messaging, and as result, retention rates and campaign ROI.


Segments were created based on past and predicted behaviors to tailor marketing & promotional campaigns. 

Segments included lifetime value, user preferences, behavior dimensions, and predictive churn scores. 

These were used to apply targeted strategies to improve customer engagement, including:

• Tailored campaigns for high-value users

• Targeted discounts based on geolocation, behavior, and preferred trip times

• Anti-churn campaigns and gamified retention programs


Total investment shrank by 5%, while incremental trips from campaigns increased by 13%

Retention improved by 6pp driven by high-value segments

Investment ROI improved by +27% as they were re-focused on high-value users

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