Case Study

How GrowthMentor used Precision Matching to Improve Engagement


Increase in Sessions/Week


GrowthMentor is a thriving marketplace that connects individuals and startups with experienced mentors for development. As the platform expanded, they faced the challenge of maintaining their high level of personalized mentor-mentee matching. This personalized touch was one of their unique value propositions, but it wasn’t scalable as their user base increased.

The key issue was how to keep offering highly personalized mentor-mentee matches at a larger scale, without compromising the user experience or the platform’s growth.


Measurly stepped in to help GrowthMentor by developing an AI Matching Engine. This AI system is designed to understand the unique needs and preferences of each user (mentee) and match them with the most suitable mentors on the platform.

The matching process incorporated various factors such as the mentee’s specific goals, mentor expertise, past feedback, and mentor-mentee compatibility metrics. The AI Matching Engine was also designed to learn and improve over time, making the matching process more effective as the platform grows.


The implementation of Measurly’s AI Matching Engine resulted in a seamless, scalable solution for GrowthMentor’s mentor-mentee matching problem. The platform maintained its high standards of personalization, with users being matched to mentors that perfectly suit their needs. The real success lay in the numbers, with a marked 2.5x increase in engagement as measured by mentee sessions per week.

This substantial rise in engagement reflected a higher degree of satisfaction and connection between mentors and mentees. It demonstrated that users found the matching process effective and were having more productive, meaningful sessions.


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