Match your customers to exactly what they need, at scale

Streamline product discovery, boost customer satisfaction, and drive growth with Measurly’s AI Precision Matching Engine

Help your customers find their perfect match.

Navigating a marketplace shouldn’t feel like a treasure hunt. With countless options and inadequate search tools, finding the right match can often be overwhelming.

Cutting through the noise of crowded marketplaces, Measurly’s precision matching engine transforms customer intent into accurate, real-time recommendations, enhancing engagement and boosting conversions by up to 40%. 

The Average Marketplace Experience

Your Marketplace with Measurly

With Measurly’s AI Precision Matching Engine, you can:

Enable customers to find exactly what they’re after, fast.

Deliver real-time recommendations tailored specifically to each customer’s unique intent.

Turn a chaotic marketplace experience into a streamlined, intuitive platform.

Foster a highly engaging experience while boosting conversion rates by as much as 40%.

Reduce the load on customer support and streamline operations.

Tailored matching for the end-to-end customer journey

On-Demand AI Matching

Leverage the power of natural language for precise, real-time recommendations. Users express their needs in their own words, and our AI delivers the perfect matches in seconds with highly relevant match summaries.

Proactive AI Recommendations

Anticipate your users’ needs with our data-driven recommendation system. By aligning with user behaviors and preferences, we deliver relevant suggestions on-site or via notifications to boost engagement.

How it Works

Unleash the Power of Personalized Matching

Define Goals & Metrics

We start by understanding your objectives and defining the success metrics to align our efforts towards your goals.

Prepare Your Data

We define, collect, and clean your data to feed into our matching engine, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy.

Test and Launch

We integrate the Matching API into your backend, followed by live user testing to ensure seamless functionality.

Case Studies

Empowering businesses to redefine customer engagement via machine learning

We’ve helped companies of all sizes elevate their customer engagement strategy to new heights – here’s how.

How GrowthMentor used Precision Matching to Improve Engagement

GrowthMentor is a thriving marketplace that connects individuals and startups with experienced mentors for development. As the platform expanded, they faced the challenge of maintaining their high level of personalized mentor-mentee…

UberEats recommended restaurants increases revenue per user by +7%

When Uber launched their Eats service in Singapore, a key objective was to increase repeat orders on the application to maximize lifetime value. Analyses showed that high-value customers that ordered frequently did so by having consistent variety…

Grab uses sentiment modeling to increase retention

Grab has over half a million drivers across South-East Asia. In the past, the company would send NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to each driver asking, “Would you recommend Grab to a Friend”?. When asking drivers this question, the response rate was quite low and insights weren’t actionable…

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