Case Study

Grab uses sentiment modeling to measure customer satisfaction and increase retention


Grab has over half a million drivers across South-East Asia. 

In the past, the company would send NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to each driver asking, “Would you recommend Grab to a Friend”?. 

When asking drivers this question, the response rate was quite low and insights weren’t actionable.

Grab needed a new scalable way to measure their customer satisfaction and loyalty and take more targeted action to keep customers happy.



Instead of measuring satisfaction and loyalty and NPS, a natural language processing model was developed, assessing customer satisfaction and loyalty based on the large pool of driver behaviors and interactions tracked and available.

By using embedded transformer models, Grab translated the free text into a scale similar to NPS, but updated in real-time. This allowed them to both have a constant pulse of customer satisfaction, as well as better target drivers to prevent churn.


When combined with Grabs retention model, Grab was able to proactively reduce churn through targeted retention campaigns which triggered automatically based on customer sentiment and predicted churn.

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